Save The Girl Child,Educate The Girl Child

Contributed By: Kunjal Kalangutkar
Class : X
Date  : 20-Jul-2017

Save The Girl Child ,
Educate The Girl Child

I am a statue, made of marble
All I can do, is sit and marvel
At the artists and visitors, my pain
I try to express, but in vain.

That I could sing and dance and play
And there’d be no one ever in my way
I’d be someone’s daughter, sister or wife
Only if I had life!

I’d go to school and make new friends.
Master an art or do a P.hd, I can.
All I need is just a chance
A chance to live a life!

I’d give everyone all I could.
Or rather, I’d give them all they wish.
To meet their expectations, I’d always strive
If I could be alive!

I don’t live, And you don’t realize
How much ever I try, you can’t hear my cries.

Without me, the journey of mankind will end
And not a helping hand, will any creature lend
Because we have troubled them too enough
On our destruction for them to laugh

Give me the chance, the life I must get
See what I can do, I promise you won’t regret
I am being killed before my birth
Isn’t this a curse, on you and Mother Earth?